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Recreational sessions cater for all abilities and everyone is welcome, why not try a few beofre you sign up?



DCR holds a number of recreational sessions each week for its members.

Comprising a combination of light to moderate training runs, these sessions are designed to help improve your base level endurance which ultimately helps you, when combined with speed sessions, become a better runner.

Short to moderate in length, these runs typically make up the bulk of a weekly training plan. These sessions are not meant to be overly challenging yet they can make big improvements in your endurance and running economy simply because you do them so often.

Like all DCR sessions, these recreational sessions cater for all abilities and everyone is welcome. Each session is run by one of our volunteer Recreational Running Coaches. The coach will deliver a pre-run brief, answer any running or training related questions, and make sure everyone gets back safely.

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  • Running Friendship and Camaraderie
  •  Extra Motivation
  •  Structured Workouts
  •  Local Running Knowledge
  •  Access to Coaching Advice