Dealing with an Incident

Diamond Creek Runners (DCR) aims to provide an environment which is as safe as reasonably possible for our members and our volunteers. In the event of an incident, the information set out below applies to all committee members, runners and volunteers associated with DCR and will be followed in conjunction with existing DCR policies and procedures.

Medical Incident
If the person is concious and can make their own decisions, ask them what you can do to help. Take reasonable steps to get them home safely, such as calling a family or friend to collect them or to inform them of the incident.

If the person is unconcious and a family member is not present, call 000.

Once the person has been handed over to a family member, friend, parametics, please contact a committee member to let them know what happened. When you get home and have time, please complete an Incident Report. Please aim to do this as soon as possible so the information is as accurate as possible.

Behavioural Incident
Anti-social beahviour will not be tolerated in DCR. If you witness an incident or are told of an incident that is not appropriate, please inform a committee member and complete an incident report.

Incident involving a non-member
As we run on public paths, we will interact with non-members. If there is an incident involving a non-member, please complete an incident report.

Member Emergency Contact Details and Medical Information
All committee members have access to member Emergency Contact Details and medical information given at time of registration. This information is treated with privacy (see Privacy Policy) and will only be used in an emergency. Please contact a committee member if you need this information.

After any incident, please complete an online Incident Form.


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